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(July 27) There is no water in the  kitchen and conversation area*. A pipe under the building sprung a leak during FWEMS, so we had the DMV come out and turn off the water. It will be off until we can get a plumber to repair the pipe. This is expected to take at least a week. The meeting room area does have water.

*This means the kitchen and back bathroom will be out of order.

Welcome to our website .  Please see our Welcome Message. If you're a Registered website user, see the User's Guide to ContributingA Registered User can go to the User's Guide and post an Eavesdropping or a Review, send us a Link,  contribute to one of the TalkFest items, or comment on the Minutes.

The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, founded October 27, 1934, is this world's oldest continuously-active science-fiction and fantasy club.  Come in any Thursday evening.  Visitors and prospective members are always welcome.  Click Visitors to learn about membership fee and dues. Ask someone to point out the Registrar, who will ask you to fill out a guest card.

Standing Rule Change:   The LASFS has modified Standing Rule #4 to raise the membership application fee to $10.  Starting March 1, 2014, children under the age of 13 who attend LASFS are not obliged to join. 

Brief schedule : see Upcoming Events.LASFS NEW Location LASFS Time LASFS Tyrone Clubhouse with readable sign

6012 Tyrone Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91401 (Google Map), on the corner of Tyrone and Aetna (a block north of Oxnard and a block east of Van Nuys Blvd.). Note that the building entrance at 6012 Tyrone  is not under the sign but is two doorways south. More photos.

How Do I Get There (how to get to LASFS by public transportation or car).
For more information, call us at 818-904-9544 or visit us on a Thursday or on a Friday evening or a Second Sunday afternoon..  

The LASFS minutes are the Menace of the LASFS.

The (unofficial) LASFS newsletter is De Profundis.

Upcoming Events
(LASFS programs are subject to change)
  • July 24th Tom Safer Presents Cartoons (LASFS meeting)
  • July 27th FWEMS: Tribute to Hollywood's "Golden Year", 1939, Part Two.
  • July 31st Film director Steve Latshaw (speech) (LASFS meeting)
  • August 7th John DeChancie (speech) (LASFS meeting)
  • August 14th Tom Khamis presents "Uncle Forry's AckerMansions" (video) (LASFS meeting)
  • August 21st Auction (LASFS meeting)
  • August 24th, 2 PM FWEMS (the last of 2014):  Tribute to 1939
  • August 28th 'Creating a Fantasy World" (Discussion with S P Hendrick, Robert Seutter, Maggie Secara) (LASFS meeting)

The Official Manual for Spice Cadets is now available on Kindle.

What's New on the LASFS Website

Complete schedule , see Calendar (Intro) and Interactive Calendar


The LASFS meeting begins around 8:00 PM, every Thursday night, but there's always something going on before then.

Tyrone Ave - first meeting thumbnailVisitors may attend three free meetings. After that, we'll decide they must like it here and ask them to fill out a membership form and pay a $10 membership fee. Once you've joined, there is no need to renew — ever. (Dues are required each time you attend a meeting, though monthly and annual rates are available.)  Dues are also required if you attend an open house or any other "non-paid event" on a weekend day.  

Members can borrow books fromLASFS Library our lending library. LASFS events include Friday night open house and gaming, the Second Sunday social day, seasonal holiday parties, and our annual gift exchange. For a more complete list, visit our calendar. There is something for every SF enthusiast at the LASFS!

After the meeting, some attendees adjourn to a late-night food place for the aftermeeting. and continue their conversations.

New LASFS merchandise now available on our webpage.  Check out our New Designs.

Work Parties
At the January, 2012 Board meeting, the LASFS' Board of Directors proposed that kids too young to contribute to the work not be allowed on the premises during any work parties at the LASFS. This was Moved, Seconded, and Passed with one abstention. 

After the meeting is over, some members go out for more conversation over a late dinner or midnight snack. We call this the "aftermeeting". Aftermeetings used to be held at Coral Cafe, 3321 W. Burbank Blvd (at N. California St.), Burbank, CA 91505, 818-566-9725, 818-843-6575. 
Reports say that some splinter aftermeetings are developing at
     Corky's Restaurant & Bar, 5043 Van Nuys Blvd. - (818) 788-5110
However, Michelle Pincus reports that Corky's is mobbed by motorcyclists on the fourth Thursday of each month; people should take that into account when deciding which aftermeeting to choose.

For more information, you can see Coral Cafe's website, but that loads rather slowly and doesn't have the full menu.  You can also find the full menu at Los Angeles Menupages

Aftermeeting Photos


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