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Matthew Tepper has granted us permission to use photos of the move from North Hollywood to Van Nuys, from his Facebook page.  Captions in "quote marks" are provided by Matthew (except parenthensized material, which is supplied by Barry Gold). Other captions are supplied by Barry Gold or edited from those that Matthew provided.

291787_10150279018823932_532378931_7967302_5405020_n.jpg MT #1
This used to be the computer room in the North Hollywood building
294203_10150279098843932_532378931_7967849_105336_n.jpg MT #2
"Mike (Donahue) just came out of the wrong closet" --Elayne
296223_10150279120678932_532378931_7967963_7280069_n.jpg MT #3
Marty Cantor in the Publications room (aka "Comprehensible"), before moving in the file cabinets
296551_10150279093978932_532378931_7967796_2335780_n.jpg MT #4
Michelle Pincus climbing a ladder to the loft over Comprehensible.
296706_10150279024608932_532378931_7967322_7606574_n.jpg MT #5
"The Iwo Jima moment": movers manhandling the soft drink machine out of the North Hollywood building
297088_10150279032728932_532378931_7967340_6879546_n.jpg MT #6
"we've moved" sign on the door of the North Hollywood clubhouse
297118_10150279056188932_532378931_7967487_2991058_n.jpg MT #7
Michelle helps with directions (to people outside the shot)
299094_10150279018488932_532378931_7967300_259410_n.jpg MT #8
Library at North Hollywood, looking out the door to the sitting room
300387_10150279053833932_532378931_7967463_3615387_n.jpg MT #9
A few bits of wood left in the shed at the North Hollywood Building
300452_10150279093448932_532378931_7967790_5821336_n.jpg MT #10
Freehafer Hall in the Van NuysB (meetings will be held here)
301787_10150279017758932_532378931_7967294_5103007_n.jpg MT #11
"There used to was a heck of a lot of books here."
302924_10150279122093932_532378931_7967971_1782571_n.jpg MT #12
"I was Sheldon Cooper for years before Sheldon Cooper." Photo by Wendy Wiseman
303863_10150278971778932_532378931_7966949_5218911_n.jpg MT #13
"Lemon tree, very pretty." The "small" lemon tree at the North Hollywood Building
304403_10150279060613932_532378931_7967519_2744687_n.jpg MT #14
"Bill (Ellern) framed in a doorway, kinda like famous shot of John Wayne in 'The Searchers', except that it really isn't.
305426_10150279016623932_532378931_7967285_7644344_n.jpg MT #15
The soda machine, emptied
306331_10150278991273932_532378931_7967079_2104671_n.jpg MT #16
307656_10150279071028932_532378931_7967630_5231555_n.jpg MT #17
Hall of the front building at North Hollywood. "There used to be books for sale here."
307712_10150279031768932_532378931_7967336_7010211_n.jpg MT #18
"Bill Ellern turns off the lights for the last time in the back building" at North Hollywood
307884_10150279106783932_532378931_7967893_3667642_n.jpg MT #19
"The meeting space (at the Van Nuys building) is no longer empty."
308280_10150279078833932_532378931_7967675_6660900_n.jpg MT #20
"Bill Ellern turns off the lights for the last time in the front building" at North Hollywood
308346_10150278971273932_532378931_7966946_1797337_n.jpg MT #21
"LASFS Moving Day, about 8:15 AM." Bekins truck pulled up next to Building 4SJ in North Hollywood
308831_10150279013183932_532378931_7967237_2720942_n.jpg MT #22
"Things being moved"
309229_10150279025918932_532378931_7967326_2112151_n.jpg MT #23
310702_10150279021773932_532378931_7967314_3138196_n.jpg MT #24
APA-L room in North Hollywood, all forlorn with the filing cabinets, collating racks, etc. gone
309939_10150279021933932_532378931_7967315_5781043_n.jpg MT #25
Reverse shot of the previous
310996_10150279019148932_532378931_7967303_2375969_n.jpg MT #26
Tiny kitchen area of North Hollywood Building
312843_10150278972198932_532378931_7966950_6743668_n.jpg MT #27
Meeting room at North Hollywood Building, packed and ready to go
313030_10150279020623932_532378931_7967309_1352480_n.jpg MT #28
Back of building 4SJ in North Hollywood
313319_10150279021438932_532378931_7967312_7972643_n.jpg MT #29
"Mike Thorsen and the movers assess...the soft drink machine. A plan is devised."
314419_10150279019473932_532378931_7967305_7827715_n.jpg MT #30
"Happy Refrigerator Day": the fridge in Building 4SJ in North Hollywood
314491_10150279121413932_532378931_7967968_1506819_n.jpg MT #31
"The socializing space, I think." Elayne with a broom.
314581_10150279014883932_532378931_7967257_7213243_n.jpg MT #32
"We had so much stuff, it took two vans."
315856_10150279018168932_532378931_7967298_1300586_n.jpg MT #33
"Books, books, books"
315998_10150279032398932_532378931_7967339_3383275_n.jpg MT #34
"Bill (Ellern) locks up the back building" in North Hollywood
316528_10150279145093932_532378931_7968142_8250734_n.jpg MT #35
"Hardworking Michelle Pincus is looking forward to the work yet to be done."
317226_10150278973903932_532378931_7966954_3659148_n.jpg MT #36
"The sign (at the North Hollywood Building), which used to be visible from the street during the day, and at night when illuminated."
318167_10150279056878932_532378931_7967495_4122369_n.jpg MT #37
"Jamie Retief and friends" (figures painted on the side of Monstro, our storage container.
318233_10150279019918932_532378931_7967306_387948_n.jpg MT #38
"Boxes 'n' thingamajigs."
318789_10150279070313932_532378931_7967628_109636_n.jpg MT #39
"One last shot of the mural in the Computer Room" (at the North Hollywood Building)
319090_10150279065143932_532378931_7967576_2123240_n.jpg MT #40
"Movers doing their job."
321203_10150279017323932_532378931_7967290_4565875_n.jpg MT #41
"SOME (only some) of the boxes of library books and media."

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